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Recent Pledge comments:

Gary F. in California drives a Chevy Volt: "There used to be a soap commercial that said... "Aren't you glad you use Dial (soap), don't you wish everyone did." That is the way I feel about my Volt. I wish everyone drove an electric vehicle. We took our Volt on a 9,500 mile road trip from California to Florida and back."

Ally J. in Bakersfield, CA drives a Fiat 500e: "I love my Fiat 500e"

Camille P from Quebec Canada drives a Nissan Leaf: "I'm a new electric vehicle driver - Nissan Leaf"

Dan S. from Atlanta, GA is shopping for an EV: "I just started shopping. I'll probably buy a Chevy Spark EV or Nissan Leaf"

Francis B. from Canada: "I'm picking up my new BMW i3 this October."

Ronald R. from Reno, NV drives a Nissan Leaf: "We own a Nissan Leaf and Love It!"

George K. from Miami Beach, FL is shopping for an EV:  "We need more electric cars out there."

Michael O. from Stanford, CA drives a Toyota RAV4 EV: "Driving an EV has changed my whole view on cars and driving.

Joshua G. from Seattle, WA drives a Nissan Leaf: "I would love to see more DC fast charging stations and more charging stations at grocery stores and malls."

Mark R. from Hackensack, NJ who is shopping for an electric car: "I'm confused by the electric car plug types."

Jean M. from Terrebonne, Canada is shopping: "I am about to buy a Nissan Leaf! Just a few details to verify and then I pledge to be an EV driver!"


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