Recent Electric Car Pledge comments:

Misti H. from Kaysville, UT drives a Nissan Leaf writes: "I love my EV! I don't think I can ever go back to a gas car again. Next goal- solar!"

Tom C. at from Washington, PA owns a Volt and Fusion writes: "Go EV!"

Karen R. from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada is shopping for an electric car.

Ulla G. from Sainte-Famille, Quebec, Canada is shopping for Nissan Leaf or Kia Soul EV writes: "This is my first car purchase . Without an adequate transport system (this will change) I need a car. I would find it unacceptable for me to buy a car that runs on petrol.
Promote a transition to clean energy is paramount! Buy an electric car can promote the implementation of this transition.

Quentin L. from Leicester, MA is shopping for a USED 2014 Honda Fit EV writes: "I look forward to becoming a Honda Fit EV lease driver as the EV car will be just perfect for my very regular (and fairly long) commute to and from work! I am excited and UP for the challenge!"

Joseph K. from Broussard, Quebec Canada is shopping for a Mitsubishi i-Miev writes: "I hope this will workout for the best for my family, for my community, for my planet!"

Ellen L. from Westbrook, CT drives a Tesla Model S writes: "One year of driving my EV...never going back to an ICE!"

Mohammad K. from Flemmington, NJ owns a Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model X writes: "I love my Teslas!"

George from Bronx, NY drives a 2017 Chevy Volt writes: "Love my Volt!"

Tim from San Diego drives a 2016 Fiat 500e writes: "Own 2016 Fiat 500e, Love EV, don't want to drive gas again!"

Dorian from drives a 2014 BMW i3 writes: "I was diagnosed with EV infatuation at 14 years, because ICE cars didn't make any sense and EVs did. From an engineering perspective as well as an idealistic one - motors are more fun than engines, and electricity has infinitely more potential than gasoline. So EVs became a passion and building the energy infrastructure for them is next up!"

Johnny B. from Hilifax, Nova Scotia, Canada at writes: "As I currently drive electric, I pledge to help create a culture of interest for EVs in my home city."

Andy from Forest Hill, Queensland, Australia drives a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV writes: "Next car will be fully electric, such an awesome driving experience."

Richard from Redcar and Cleveland, UK drives a Nissan Leaf writes: "Electric cars are awesome!"

Amanada from Topeka, KS drives a 2013 Chevy Volt writes: "I love my Chevy Volt!!"

Edward from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada dirves a 2013 Nissan Leaf SL writes: "My Leaf is so cool!"

Jack B. from Simi Valley, CA drives a Tesla Model S writes: "DrivEV"

Torr L. from Los Angeles, CA drives a Chevy Volt writes: "I got a great deal on the price, $7500 from the Fed, $1500 from CA and 0% financing for the entire loan. Totally worth getting one."

Nick L. from Duarte, CA writes: "I'm shopping for a 2nd Gen Chevy Volt. I support the EV movement and hope it takes off in the near future with the introduction of affordable long range BEVs."

Patrick from Gatineau, Canada owns a Nissan Leaf writes: "I love my Nissan Leaf Electric Car car and I'll remain electric for my next one."

Nicholas, owner at Cleaner Tech Solutions supports Electric Car Pledge! "We at Cleaner Tech Solutions (the Solar Panel Cleaning Experts) fully support the adoption of electric cars. The infrastructure, from solar panel based charging stations to solar farms, home solar installations, and battery storage will all make a difference in securing more people buy electric cars."

Tim from St. John's Newfoundland, Canada: "I'm shopping for a used 2013 Chevy Volt"

Allan P. from Ottawa, Ontario Canada drives an Ford Ranger EV Conversion writes: "I'm an EV owner/driver since 2002. I'll never go back to ICE - what a waste of time, money, and non-renewable resources! My EV Conversion is powered by BullFrogPower, so totally renewable and green energy. It is still reliable after all these years, and has lithium batteries with very low maintenance. Since EV conversions are almost as expensive as a new car, my next EV will be one of the latest EV models with a full warranty and dealer support - so much easier to switch to an EV now than it was 13 years ago! If you haven't switched, what are you waiting for?"

Scott L. from San Diego, CA drives a BMW i3 writes: "Happy BMW i3 owner"

Blythe M. from Kansas City, MO writes: "I'm shopping for a Nissan Leaf"

Vinck W. from Belgium drives a 2015 Nissan Leaf writes: "I love my Leaf"

Alejandro P. from Chula Vista, CA owns a BMW i3 writes: "I got the BMW i3 because it is a better built car from my perspective, than most of the other 80 miles range BEVs out there, and it was within my household income reach. About the Model 3, since it will be within a reasonable price, the brand has an excellent reputation, and the range of the car will be good enough to replace our ICE car, we will be getting it. So, it is not so much because they are flashy looking cars, but because they are great cars and the companies behind them have proven to be excellent when it comes to making cars (even when Tesla is a pretty new company).

We have owned the i3 for almost 6 months now, and we are very happy to have purchased the car. We have solar panels at home too, so we are lowering our carbon footprint a lot."

Laura R. from Sunnyvale, CA drives a Nissan Leaf writes: "Best car I've ever owned. I love electric!"

Barry S. from Aptos, CA writes: " Last week my Prius decided I should get a Chevy Volt. It's very fun to drive, I'm working with my HOA for permission to install Level 2 charging. I'm glad to move up from a HEV to an EREV--series hybrid. It's been a lot of fun the car is more roomy than I suspected it would be. The Prius was great but 180,000 miles were pretty hard and different systems beginning to fail.

Here it is, a beautiful color called "Veridian Joule"...

Barry S. Chevy Volt


The EVs are Coming! The EVs are Coming! (Part I)

by Barry S.


David L. from Olympia, WA drives a Nissan Leaf says: "Electric Vehicles are here to stay but that does not mean there aren't a lot of misconceptions about them. "Having driven EVs as my primary source of transportation since 2007 does not qualify me as an expert in any sense but I have experienced a few things that I want to share because every mile driven on electricity is more money not leaving the state that can be spent for MUCH better things!" Read more at David's Blog.

Josh L. from Snohomish, WA drives a Nissan Leaf says: "Been driving electric for four years!"

Jean-Marc from The Pas, Manitoba, Canada drives a Chevy Volt and supports the Electric Vehicle movement says: "Probably the most significant question that I have been asked is WHY ELECTRIC? See his Chevy Volt Blog and Facebook Page.

I crunched the numbers and the cost of running an EV in my area is at best equal to an ICE car... for now. So why choose something not quite understood?

I guess it comes down to choice... Do I want to live in the past, or is it time to kick start the future?

I personally believe it is time to move beyond burning coal and oil for energy, especially with the shift to renewable energy. The technology for wind and solar power production is exponentially growing and the cost per energy unit produced keeps falling... We are looking at a major paradigm shift, in effect, on our doorstep...

So maybe I want to be part of this catalyst. Maybe I want to inspire change in people simply by doing... by setting an example.

I am tired of hearing it can't be done or it's just not possible yet.

Let me show you how it's done, for a change... so I can inspire my children and yours. ;-)"

Carl S. from Eustis, FL supports EVs and says: "Lower price and more mileage is needed.

Take The Electric Car PledgeStephan Sutcliffe, from Alberta, Canada drives a Chevy Volt and a Member of the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta  says: "Thinking a lot about falling oil/gas prices (yes I understand they aren't exactly related, but both are based on supply/demand) and how they will affect sales, popularity, etc. of EVs. Think about the benefits of EVs, many of them still exist even as oil/gas prices fall, and I'm not just talking about if you have a Volt and go on long road trips.

Personally the benefits of an EV include, but are not limited to: Reduced cost of ownership, via limited maintenance, etc; helping the planet, isn't that why we want cars to be more efficient not because gas costs a lot; how fun driving is when you drive an EV; it really becomes a game--not to mention the fun of sport mode (Volt); How practical they are for more people than really drive them, heck how many of you actually feel limited in your life cause you drive an EV; they're very utilitarian, in the Volt (yes I'm a Volt driver) there is enough room for a couple hockey bags--fold the seats down FLAT and boom, look at that room. Now if you drive a Tesla you know how great those things are, I mean those jump seats; the ever increasing infrastructure, even here in Alberta we're seeing more and more charging stations.

Anyways I could go on, but my point is that I'm not worried one bit about falling oil/gas prices affecting my love for my EV (I know some of you don't consider Volts pure EVs, but yeah). I just hope that you and more importantly the companies that sell these wonderful cars don't forget why we got BACK into the EV game and remember all the things that make EVs literally (IMO) the best vehicles on the road. Apologies, but there's no EV rant and rave page."

Gregory A. from Haslet, TX says: "I'm shopping for a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. I can't wait until there are charging stations at every rest area."

Michael G. from Baie-Comeau, Canada says: "I hope to buy an electric car in 2015."

Matt S. from Pittsburgh, PA drives a Tesla Model S says: "Nothing matches the grace and speed of the Tesla.  It cost far more than I wanted to spend but is worth every penny.  Every time I walk away it catches my eye and its driving dynamics are so instantaneous that you wear it like an electric suit-- it ceases to be a car-- and I laugh every time I drive it.  How can you put a price on that?  Read about Matt's Tesla experience on his blog (Tesla Pittsburgh).

Paul G. from Bakersfield, CA drives a 2015 Nissan Leaf says: "Electric Car Pledge is one of the reasons we are driving an Electric Vehicle and also attending the 2014 Bakersfield Electric Vehicle Festival and EV Meet-Up to talk shop with EV owners." Read more of Paul's story...

Laura J. from St. Louis, MO (Regent Power) drives a Chevy Volt - Working on a Tesla S next. LOVE IT! says: "I've been active in trying to push people to at least be open to electric cars--and for those with range anxiety, go hybrid. It makes sense and the numbers justify themselves more quickly than you think. I've only bought gas about 4 times in the last two years. The "stinky hands" from gas pumps are over for me. Tesla S is my next goal."

Quinn S. from Portland, OR drives a Saturn SC1 EV Conversion says: "Thank you (Electric Car Pledge) for working towards a better EV future!"

Chris T. from Wappingers Falls, NY drives a Nissan Leaf says: "I enjoy my Nissan Leaf, and look forward to my next."

Sophie S from San Luis Obispo, CA says: "I have been wanting to drive an electric car, and have made a choice to do so. I will purchase one as soon as possible. I love your cause."

Steve B. from Hampshire, IL drives a 2013 Volt says: "This is my second Volt my first was a 2011 and it saved our lifes as we were in a traffic accident. The 5 star rating does have value to our family."

Todd C. from Santa Clarita, CA and his family drives two electric vehicles... a 2013 Honda FIT EV and a 2013 Chevy Volt. He has put together a website (EV Electricity) that explains the benefits of driving EVs and what to know about charging EVs, including the benefits of solar.

Mark M. from Palatine, IL drives a Ford Focus Electric says: "I Love my electric car, looking forward to an upgraded/new one."

Les M. from Bakersfield CA says: "My personal and business mission at Energy Independence Group is to live and spread energy independence. I found that electric vehicles fit the mission perfectly. I drive an all electric vehicle and a plug in hybrid, powered by solar energy for my personal and business life. The future is here and can be anyone's. Not just that; it makes great financial sense. Let's talk about it." Les Mood @ Energy Independence Group  661-868-9000

Adam L. from Newfoundland, Canada drives a 2011 Nissan Leaf says "We love our 2011 Nissan Leaf!"

Jason S. from Laguna Hills, CA. supports the EV movement says: "Dump the pump with us!"  Please suport OC E-Waste Services.

Dean T. from Los Angeles, CA. is shopping for an electric car: " Shopping for a carpool vehicle, I have considered the Chevrolet Spark via a lease. My Chevrolet Silverado 12mpg is not a great commuter vehicle. I need to make a change!"

Nelson C. from Clarence-Rockland, Ontario Canada drives a 2014 Ford C-Max Energi writes: "Just got my new 2014 C-MAX ENERGI last Friday, August 29, 2014 and I am trying to run on electric mode most of the time. Unfortunately, I work for the Federal Government and they don't really care about installing infrastructure for us "Green people" to charge our vehicles at work. I love my car and I will do anything to save as much gas as possible."

Jerry C. from Folsom, CA drives a Fiat 500e writes: "WISH I HAD TWO!"

Jean Marc from Mascouche, Quebec Canada is a new 2015 Kia Soul EV owner: "Already reserved my Kia Soul EV! Hoping for it to get here in October!!!

JD Taylor from Poolesville MD (Poolesville Green Facebook) drives a Ford Fusion Energi: "I am a Ford Fusion Energi driver. I do hate when I have to use Gas, it is rare, but it did allow me to drive from Poolesville, MD to Kennedy Space Center, FL (900 miles, 14 hrs) only stopping once for Gas (three times for bathroom). I still think PHEV are an important step to EVs and will buy EVs when the full infrastructure gets built, ranges get extended and cost comes down. If I could afford it now, I would gladly replace my Fusion for a Tesla S or X.  So yes, I think PHEVs are in important part of Plug-In week or NDEW. I think most will make the full change to EV, as someday so will the ICE drivers."

Sara S. from Corona, CA Supports green initiatives, sustainablility, and getting more electric vehicles on the road. "I can actually see the air quality getting worse and am dedicated to getting gas guzzlers off the road and more electric vehicles in their place."

Timothy H. from Belleville, IL drives a 2013 Volt: "EVs are the way to go!"

Karl from Gatineau, Quebec Canada drives a Nissan Leaf: "Electric Cars Rock!!!"

Richard S. from Newtwon CT drives a Ford Fusion Energi 2013: "A plug-in hybrid was the perfect choice for me because New England has made no concerted effort to create EV charging stations within commuting distances from each other. My Fusion gets 21 miles on a charge and my commuting distance is about 27 mi each way. Luckily, my employer has charging stations so I only use about 2/10 of a gallon round trip.
So let's replace parking meters with charging stations, put charging stations in every public garage and parking lot, every state park, every highway rest stop, every airport and railway station, and every park and ride.
I am disappointed in Tesla using a different standard so other drivers cannot take advantage of their stations. This is rather short sighted from a global view.
Let's get going and do it right this time before we destroy the environment. And maybe we can stop fighting over foreign oil, stop oil rigs in the gulf, stop destroying the country with poisonous fracking and just get it done.

Mike S. from Bakersfield owns two Volts, 2011 and 2013: "2011 Volt 94 mpg lifetime, 2013 Volt 248 mpg".

Joe S. from Cranford, NJ drives a Ford Focus EV: "Driving an all electric car in New Jersey is wonderful! We finally get to pump our own fuel at home and on the road, with no messy smell on your hands or clothes! Do your EV homework, know your driving limits and you will see how much fun owning an EV is."

Gary F. in California drives a Chevy Volt: "There used to be a soap commercial that said... "Aren't you glad you use Dial (soap), don't you wish everyone did." That is the way I feel about my Volt. I wish everyone drove an electric vehicle. We took our Volt on a 9,500 mile road trip from California to Florida and back."

Ally J. in Bakersfield, CA drives a Fiat 500e: "I love my Fiat 500e"

Camille P from Quebec Canada drives a Nissan Leaf: "I'm a new electric vehicle driver - Nissan Leaf"

Dan S. from Atlanta, GA is shopping for an EV: "I just started shopping. I'll probably buy a Chevy Spark EV or Nissan Leaf"

Francis B. from Canada: "I'm picking up my new BMW i3 this October."

Ronald R. from Reno, NV drives a Nissan Leaf: "We own a Nissan Leaf and Love It!"

George K. from Miami Beach, FL is shopping for an EV:  "We need more electric cars out there."

Michael O. from Stanford, CA drives a Toyota RAV4 EV: "Driving an EV has changed my whole view on cars and driving.

Joshua G. from Seattle, WA drives a Nissan Leaf: "I would love to see more DC fast charging stations and more charging stations at grocery stores and malls."

Mark R. from Hackensack, NJ who is shopping for an electric car: "I'm confused by the electric car plug types."

Jean M. from Terrebonne, Canada is shopping: "I am about to buy a Nissan Leaf! Just a few details to verify and then I pledge to be an EV driver!"


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