Electric cars are hardly a new concept but there still aren't many on the road. For the time being, traditional cars running on gasoline-powered internal combustion engines still rule the road. This isn't suprising, but it is unfortunate with all things considered. There are several benefits to driving electric cars and it's time that more people knew about them.

A Quiet, Quick and Smooth Ride

One of the sticking points of electric cars for many people is that they don't drive as well as gasoline-powered cars. They allegedly aren't as fast or as reliable as more traditional vehicles. That may have been true at one time but today's electric vehicles drive so smoothly with so much torque that they make other cars seem clunky by comparison. When you step on the accelerator of an electric car, power is delivered directly to the wheels, providing a faster and smoother start, all while barely making a sound.

Easier and Cheaper to Maintain

One of the greatest benefits of driving an electric vehicle is how easy it is to keep its batteries charged and ready to go. Instead of pulling into a gas station and finding a free pump, all you have to do with an electric car is pull it next to an outlet in your garage and plug it in. It does take a while for an electric car battery to fully charge, but all you have to do is leave it plugged in overnight and you'll be fine. A fully charged battery will be able to take you 80 to 100 miles depending on the model you're driving. That admittedly isn't ideal for long-distance driving, but it's more than enough for the average daily commute.

Naturally, using electricity to power a car is a lot cheaper than using gasoline. Gasoline prices rise and fall every few days, but the average is around $3.50 per gallon. Someone who is driving 12,000 a year with a vehicle that gets 30 miles to the gallon will be spending around $1,400 a year on gasoline. On the other hand, a driver who drives an electric vehicle the same distance will be spending only about $300 a year. That's very impressive and it should come as welcome news to anybody who regularly complains about the price of gas.

Better for the Environment

Traditional vehicles are some of the biggest contributors to air pollution in our country. Manufacturers have gotten better about keeping the emissions on their vehicles down to a more manageable level, but there are still millions of cars being driving every day, and that isn't exactly great for our air quality. Since electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, they are much cleaner to operate and greatly reduce carbon emissions even when they run on electricity generated from coal. Now that many locations use electricity from a number of other sources, electric vehicles are better for the environment than ever before. They are the perfect options for those who are trying to live a "greener" lifestyle, and if there were more on the road it would cut down on air pollution significantly.