What Is The Electric CarWhat Is The Electric Car? 79 Reasons to Drive An Electric Car (New Book - Nov 21, 2014)

This book is based upon the award winning film...What Is The Electric Car?

A collection of short stories which will entertain and enlighten you with 79 REASONS to drive an Electric Car by the following CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS:
Richard Batters, Michael Brune, Dave Beltrami, Aaron Berger, Nancy Cartwright, Goering Castro, Audrey Clunn, Steve Clunn, Maurice Crumby, Mercy Davison, David Eagle, Fabio, Steve Factor,  Bill Ferree, Brian Folb, Rona Fried, Ron Freund, Gina Garcia, Bruce Gast, Electra Girl, Tim Goodrich, Dulcinea, Green Larry Hagman, Peter Horton, Susan Jones, Richard Kelly, Jay Leno, Justin Lamb, Cristi Landy, Ken LaRoe, Peter Lehner, Ginny Scales - Mederios, William Moore, Leilani Münter, Linda Nicholes, Alyshia Ochse, Katie Oran, Rick Pamplin, Alexandra Paul, Andrew Reilly, Marianne Lising Salomonis, Tom Saxton, Jannelle Schneider, Paul Scott, Zan Scott, Rick Sikes, Eric Swenson, Nathan Taft, Mark Tomlinson, Larry Wexler, Alan Williamson, Norma Williamson and Todd Woody. INTRODUCTION by Ed Begley, Jr. EPILOGUE by Jeremy Guthrie

Authored by Scott duPont
Illustrated by Roel Cancio
Epilogue by Jeremy Guthrie
Introduction by Ed Begley, Jr.

Contributions by Alexandra Paul, Fabio Lanzoni, Ron Freund, Justin Lamb, Katie Oran, Steve Clunn, Audrey Clunn, Gina Garcia, Pamela Thwaite, Goering Castro, Alyshia Ochse, Peter Horton, Andrew Reilly, Rick Pamplin, Bruce Gast, Nathan Taft

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